Universal® Clamps

Fastening clamps are an essential for any roof attachment project. A versatile tool, roofing clamps are used to secure various applications to standing seam metal roofs: PV panel racking, snow guard systems, conduit networks, and sign mounts.

While many clamps appear the same, the Universal® Clamps brand utilizes an assortment of original, innovative designs originating directly from our in-house production site. The unique design of Universal® Clamps permits the attachment of loads to flanged materials and standing seam roofing by allowing for continuous pressure contact against the attachment surface. This is made possible with help from the hammer – a part specially designed by the Universal® Clamps team – which maintains a constant point of contact with mounting surfaces and helps reduce pressure placed on the roof seam, ultimately removing the threat of damage to the roof.

Originally designed to mount PV panel racking to a standing seam roof, racking can either be mounted to the clamp’s top or side, making the Universal® Clamp a highly adaptable solution.
The Universal® Clamp can feature a special t-slotted base to allow easy insertion of t-shaped die at the top of the base. This grants users more freedom than ever when mounting conduit for power and wiring jobs.
Thanks to the multiple mounting options available, the Universal® Clamp allows users the worry-free attachment to building for signs of all shapes and sizes.
Universal® Clamp are ideal for attaching snow guards to your roof, helping to prevent snow build up from above and keeping those safe below.