Universal® Clamps

Solar Innovations, Inc’s family of Universal® Clamps provides customers with simple, dependable, tested clamping solutions for attaching loads to any standing seam, metal roof. The Solar Innovations, Inc. Universal® Clamp is designed to attach loads to flanged materials and standing seam roofing by using an innovative design that allows for continuous pressure contact against the attachment surface. This prevents permanent damage to the roof while balancing the load over the span of the clamp not on isolated points of contact. Installation is simple, and the roof is never compromised. A part called a hammer was designed into the Universal® Clamp, to reduce pressure placed on the seam.

The hammers maintain a continuous point of contact with the mounting surface, removing the threat of damage to the roof.This is accomplished by spreading the load of the clamp over the total hammer, rather than the points of two fasteners.Custom hammers and clamp designs create almost limitless applications and capabilities for our Universal® Clamps. Varying the length of the clamp or extrusion design creates even more flexibility and capability in applications. Bulk pricing and dealer pricing is available.

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Universal Clamps

Located in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania our manufacturing facility contains some of the most state of the art equipment and our building is LEED Gold certified which means its extremely efficient with using its own power sources and produces less emissions than a typical manufacturer.