Universal® Clamp Custom Configurations

Are you in need of a custom clamp configuration? Contact Solar Innovations®‘s in-house custom clamp engineers. Universal® Clamp custom configurations and designs are available.

Solar Innovations® can create deeper and wider clamps by milling out the portion of the clamp body that straddles the seam. The hammers can be modified as well, and one can even be removed if necessary. This allows our Universal® Clamps to fit onto non-standard or damaged standing seams.


The above clamp was created for a customer who had a batten roof with seams that measured 5/8” W x 2” H. This customer needed the clamps to secure a safety railing to the roof. Solar Innovations®‘s Universal® Clamp with G1 standing seam hammers was modified to fit this application. One of the hammers was removed, allowing the clamp to fit over the rectangular profile, but the clamp was only half engaged. The non-hammer side of the clamp was then milled out to provide enough room for the clamp to become fully engaged to the seam.

Custom Clamp 2


The clamp shown above and below allows for a larger contact area than just one small clamp, making it able to withstand greater forces. It also allows for more fastening holes along the top of the clamp.

Large Clamp Custom

Seams Our Clamps Were Made For

Seams our Clamps Were Made For

Adjustable Width and Height

Adjustable Width and Height Universal Clamps

Adjustable Width

Adjustable Width Universal Clamp
Custom hammers can be machined to ensure custom fits for any type of standing seam.

Adjustable Universal® Clamp Custom Options

The following examples exhibit Solar Innovations, Inc.’s ability to modify the standard clamp body and hammers for specific applications.


Pictured above is a clamp featuring a reduced body size

Additional Hammer Stylers for Adjustable Custom Universal® Clamps

clamp options