Universal® Clamp Applications

The Universal® Clamp has a host of applications, all of which provide safe and damage free solutions for standing seam roof connections. By following the links below, you will be provided with detailed data on various Universal® Clamp applications.

PV Racking Clamps

PV Racking Clamps

The Universal® Clamp was originally designed to mount PV panel racking to a standing seam roof. When mounting PV panel racking, the Universal® Clamp is extremely versatile. The racking can either be mounted to the top or side of the clamp via a 3/8-16″ threaded bolt. Custom mounting holes can be incorporated, depending on engineering approval, to accommodate special mounting, making the Universal® Clamp even more versatile.

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Conduit Clamps

Conduit ClampsCommercial and residential building projects use conduit to run wires and power sources across their roofs. The Universal® Clamp was designed to provide a safe and easy way to mount the conduit to the roof.  The Universal® Clamp can also feature a t-slotted base, this allows a t-shaped die to be inserted at the top of the base and attached to the conduit. This die provides end users customized methods to attach conduits to the Universal® Clamp.

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Snow Guards

Universal<sup>®</sup> Clamp Snow GuardsUniversal® Clamps are the ideal solution when installing a snow guard system, because they can easily be adapted to attach the system.  A snow guard protection system is not designed to stop all snow and ice from falling off a roof, but rather to gradually allow small amounts to fall off at a time. This can potentially minimize the damage caused to gutters, shrubbery, and, most importantly, people located below the roof.

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Sign Mount Clamps

Sign Mount ClampsOne of the more versatile uses of the Universal® Clamp is mounting signs to roofs and buildings. Because the clamp features multiple mounting options, many different types of signs and sign mounting systems can be attached using the Universal® Clamp. Sign posts and legs can attach to the top or side of the Universal® Clamp. The Universal® Clamp provides high holding force on standing seams, which aids in holding large signs that withstand higher wind forces when located on roof tops.

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