PV Racking Clamps

PV Racking 2  The Universal® Clamp was originally designed to mount PV panel racking to a standing seam roof. When mounting PV panel racking, the Universal® Clamp is extremely versatile. The racking can either be mounted to the top or side of the clamp via a 3/8-16″ threaded bolt. Custom mounting holes can be incorporated, depending on engineering approval, to accommodate special mounting, making the Universal® Clamp even more versatile.

Because PV panel racking is generally installed in large quantities, the Universal® Clamp can be sent to the job site pre-assembled; meaning the only thing the installers have to do is place the clamp on the seam and tighten the side set-screws to engage the hammers on the standing seam. The Universal® Clamp uses innovative rotating hammers to engage the standing seam; this produces an evenly distributed force to the standing seam. Other clamp manufacturers engage the standing seam with two set screws, causing holes, tears, and other damage to the standing seam, that will void roof warranties and create leak issues.


PV Racking 3Universal® PV Roof Clamps are designed and constructed using the highest quality aluminum and Stainless Steel components. Because of these features the Universal® Clamp will not rust, deform, or break down when exposed to the elements of any environment.

Universal® PV Racking Clamps can be shipped directly to any location. Pre-assembled Universal® PV Racking Clamps can be shipped pre-assembled, meaning all hardware ( ie: set-screws and mounting fasteners) come installed in the clamp body. The PV racking clamps can also be shipped disassembled with all the hardware sent in separately labeled bags to assure all parts are accounted for.

Universal® PV Racking Clamps come in two different standard sizes: 2″ long or the 1″ long, XS version. The XS clamp is the perfect solution when mounting lightweight items. The Universal® PV Racking Clamp can also be custom engineered to any meet any custom length requirements.


PV RackingThe Universal® Clamp features innovative hammers on one or both sides of the clamp. There are currently four standard hammer types to accommodate various standing seams: standard style, round style, thin style, and L-shaped. The Universal® Clamp hammer area can also be customize engineered to fit non-standard standing seams.

The only tool required to install a Universal® PV Racking Clamp is a 3/16″ Allen drive.  The clamp is placed onto the standing seam surface at the desired attachment point, and then the set-screws are tightened or loosened on each side to accurately rotate the hammers, this action applies an evenly distributed clamping force to the standing seam. It is recommended that 16-20 ft/lb of torque be applied to the set-screws to achieve maximum holding force. Universal® Clamps feature rotating hammers which prevent the set screws from ever coming into contact with the seam of the roof, preventing holes and other damage form being worn into the roof.