Heated Snow Guard

The Universal® Clamps team is pleased to announce the issuance of US Patent 10,612,243 for the Heated Snow Guard, a ground-breaking improvement to a system that has been in use for hundreds of years.

This innovation utilizes an infrared LED or heat tape run through an opaque, hollow snow guard tube. This system is designed to melt snow and ice, which prevents accumulation and avalanches that are dangerous to pedestrians and property below.

The Heated Snow Guard is also designed to cast light onto roofs when desired. This feature can be used for businesses and other locations where branding or decoration is desired. Openings can be cut into the hollow tube in customizable designs to cast the desired lighting onto the roof.

The Heated Snow Guard can be attached on all types of roof surfaces, including tile, metal, and shingled roofs. Attaching the Heated Snow Guard to standing-seam metal roofs can be done easily and with greater performance when using the Universal® Clamps line of customizable roof clamps.

Our team is currently in search of interested partners to cooperate in the production and marketing of this groundbreaking technology. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Ben Foreman, Marketing Coordinator, at 570-915-1744 or bforeman@solarinnovations.com.