Quantity Price
1 - 49 $5.27
50 - 199 $5.14
200 - 499 $5.01
500+ $4.88

Compatible Seam Types

Utilize our Clamp Selector to take the guesswork out of which clamps will fit on which seams!

Spec Sheet


Apollo White SRSL 82519 FRSL 82908
Bone White SRSL 82520 FRSL 82909
Ivory SRSL 45891 FRSL 46646
Sandstone SRSL 45892 FRSL 46647
Seawolf SRSL 46636 FRSL 46645
Fashion Gray SRSL 74008 FRSL 74652
Colonial Gray SRSL 74009 FRSL 74653
Military Light Blue SRSL 21708 FRSL 21709
Burgundy SRSL 62487 FRSL 62496
Antique Bronze SRSL 45893 FRSL 46648
Black SRSL 11386 FRSL 11390
Charcoal SRSL 74007 FRSL 74654
Hartford Green SRSL 32545 FRSL 32872

Clamp Distinctions


Standard Body Type Comparison Standard
S-Series Body Type Comparison S-Series
M-Series Body Type Comparison M-Series
L-Series Body Type Comparison L-Series


Standard Length Comparison Standard
XS Series Length Comparison XS-Series

Number of Hammers

Number of Hammers Comparison One hammer
Number of Hammers Comparison Two hammers

Body Type

Standard Body Type Comparison Standard
T-Body Body Type Comparison T-Body
Adjustable Body Type Comparison Adjustable

Hammer Type

Standing Seam Hammer Comparison Standing Seam
Round Hammer Comparison Round
L Shape Hammer Comparison L Shape
Modified L Shape Hammer Comparison Modified L Shape