About Universal® Clamps



Universal® Clamps provides simple, dependable, and durable clamping solutions for attaching loads to most standing seam metal roof designs.

Zoom in of Clamp in use

When Universal®Clamps’ parent company, Solar Innovations®, installed a photovoltaic panel system on the roof of their corporate office and manufacturing facility in 2010, the need for a racking system that would not damage the roof was apparent. To safely attach the racking and panel systems, Solar Innovations®engineered, fabricated, tested, and patented their own standing seam roof clamp in-house, and Universal® Clamps was born. The 3,000+ panel photovoltaic system on the roof of the Solar Innovations®corporate office and manufacturing facility has served as the testing ground for these clamps and has stood the test of time for over 10 years. Since then, our clamps have been installed worldwide, including Europe, Asia, South America, and beyond.

Some other standing seam roof clamps produce pressure points from fasteners directly contacting the roof material, which may cause holes. Points of wear and exposure to corrosion are never desirable on a roof, no matter how small they appear or how well they are sealed. Because of this, the Universal® Clamp was engineered using a patented design that distributes the force over the span of the clamp, rather than on isolated points of contact. This innovative design utilizes multiple aluminum extrusions, resulting in a balanced load, quick installation, high performance, and an innovative solution.

Clamp Installation

Installation is simple, with the tightening of set screws to a specified torque, a hammer locks on to the roof seam, creating continuous pressure without compromising the integrity of the roof. The clamp is threaded on its top and/or side surface to allow for a wide variety of bolt-on applications, including photovoltaic panel mounts, snow guards, conduit, and more.

Our clamps are fully customizable and can be configured to fit a wide variety of seams. Three sizes of aluminum extrusions with fixed and adjustable bodies are available. Also available in a variety of lengths and widths, with four interchangeable hammer designs, the number of configurations seems endless.

Standard Standing Seam

"L" Type Standing Seam

Round Standing Seam

Thin Standard Standing Seam

Custom hammers, clip lengths, and depths can also be designed and manufactured with Universal® Clamps. While Universal® Clamps are compatible with most racking systems, custom designs are available for project specific applications as needed.

The Universal® Clamp is supplied with the required stainless-steel hardware for installation and proper mounting of the clamp. Our clamps can be ordered with the fasteners and hammers pre-installed or separate, depending on the needs of the customer.