Clamp Selector

Welcome to the Clamp Selector, the perfect source for pairing standing seam metal roofs with the proper Universal Clamps. Just select the seam profile below that matches the roof type and the clamps that are best suited will appear. From there, choose the clamp with the characteristics that best meet your needs and you will be directed to the page to make your purchase. If you do not see your seam on this page, please reach out to us at and we will help you find the right clamp for you.

Performance of Universal Clamps as reported on our website is specific to the clamp profiles and dimensions depicted with performance results. Our testing performance is not valid or transferrable to different clamp profiles/dimensions. In addition, parallel-pull and perpendicular-pull performance testing was done using an ISO/IEC 17025 calibrated load cell. Performance assumes that installation of the roofing and Universal Clamps has been accomplished in accordance with our instructions and those of the roofing product manufacturer. Solar Innovations makes no warranty or assurance that the clamps will meet performance requirements for your project if: (a) the Universal Clamp or roofing material have not been installed in accordance with instructions; or (b) your requirements are different than the tested performance listed above.

While the testing/performance data is made available for the convenience of the Buyer’s evaluation of our products, it is the responsibility of the Buyer and/or its design professional to determine the suitability of a particular clamp for the Buyer’s intended application. Solar Innovations does not have the information needed to approve use of its clamps in your application, including the load, dimensions and characteristics of the structures supported by the clamp. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to verify that the clamp will meet the requirements for any particular project/use. Buyer releases and agrees to hold Solar Innovations harmless from any liability or responsibility for use of clamps, except remedies in accordance with the Universal Clamp warranty offered by Solar Innovations. Custom performance certification for seams different than those depicted or to meet specific performance requirements for Buyer’s project are available, upon request, at additional cost. If you require any kind of additional certification, please contact

By proceeding to review available profiles and associated performance requirements, you agree to accept these terms and limitations.